A Bestseller in Focus

Why study The Pilgrim’s Progress?

What does this bestselling story and resource have to offer your school/children?

  • A great adventure story
  • Motivates boys as well as girls
  • Appeals to all children regardless of background, gender, age, faith and culture
  • Supports and promotes character formation and positive behaviours
  • A great story for assembly/worship time
  • Stimulates discussion on a range of subjects and themes
  • Can be used to study literacy, RE, history, PHSE – independently or together
  • Huge potential for cross-curricular and cross-school topic-based study
  • All the background and information teachers need to teach it effectively
  • Universal and timeless, flexible
  • Wonderfully visual classroom frieze for teachers and children to enjoy

More Details

There are many reasons! In the UK it is part of our national and Christian heritage; world-wide it is an international best-seller with universal appeal – a story that everyone can relate to regardless of age, gender, faith and culture.

As literature, The Pilgrim’s Progress engages the imagination as the reader encounters beautiful palaces, rocky roads and dreadful dungeons. As moral tale it challenges the behaviour through its clever use of symbolism and story. As spiritual allegory it enables its readers to encounter the ‘Christian’ story, consider the impact of faith and explore some of the ultimate questions of life.

As an educational resource The Pilgrim’s Progress offers both creativity and flexibility. It can be used across all ages groups to teach aspects of literacy, history, religious education, philosophy, and personal, social and moral education. Or it can be used as a topic for the creative curriculum, form an excellent foundation for a variety of extension/enrichment projects or simply be enjoyed as a resource for whole school or class assembly time.

The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Curriculum for Schools is inspired not just by the book itself, but by the many children I have taught over the years who have responded with such interest and enthusiasm. It has been written to enable teachers in classrooms the world-over to bring Bunyan’s amazing allegory – and the faith that inspired it – to life and is designed, like the story itself, to be both universal and timeless, allowing schools to study Bunyan’s masterpiece for years to come.